Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Disney Flipthrough

Final Exam pt.3

Success: My most successful art piece was probably the amamorphic chalk art, where we made a rainbow dalmatian inspired from the movie 101 Dalmatians. . I think this because it helped me develop my art making skills, which was done by blending the chalk colors together, and choosing colors that would make the others around it stand out. When doing this project, we also took risks and solved problems. We used these skills because the original drawing was black and white, and there was no where near enough white chalk to finish the task. Faced with this problem, we chose to use a light yellowish-green for the body of the dog. In the end, this contributed to the rainbow goal and looked great!

Do over: The project that I would like to redo would probably be the Post it note project. Although it turned out great in the end, we had to continuously un-stick and re-stick the Post-It-Notes. At our table, we had split into two smaller groups, one that was going one way with the sticky notes and one going another. This caused a lot of confusion and regret, because if one person added one without the other knowing, We would have to adjust the whole row, overlapping the notes and adding secret ones in the background to fill in the gaps. When we would redo it, we would stay working as a full team and double check every note we would put down, so that we would have less mistakes.

Final Exam pt.2

We collaborate 
On the post-it-note project, we had to work in groups to get the job done.
While we were working, we did have to ask and answer each other's questions, including feedback questions.  "Do these colors work well together?" "Do you think we should switch these two colors out so that it looks nicer?" and "Do you think these rows look straight?" are a few examples of feedback questions we were asking.
The portrait we were working on was made by another student, Ashley McDaniel, and we all really liked it and went with it. We went to the creator of the color grid when we had trouble figuring out what to do, and she helped us understand the important information and factors to the art.

Final Exam pt.1

Art piece-

For the anamorphic art project, we had to start out in the computer lab. In the computer lab, we each took an image in Photoshop  and made it so that it only looked normal at a certain angle, and every other angle it looked distorted. to do the rest of the project, we had to do that first, making sure that it would turn out right. 

Technology piece-

One of my technology pieces was the 7th day of Photoshop, where we had to choose a Disney character and combine it with a superhero. I combined Winnie the Pooh with Superman. I chose this because they have similar colors in their costumes, so it wouldn't be too hare to combine them making them look normal. 
What I did was take Superman's cape and symbol and added it to Winnie. I had to match the colors to each other by adding effects and changing the contrast of the reds and yellows so that they blended well. 

Thursday, May 21, 2015